H babies: 14.06.2013

H - Helladic litter

In July, our Inter and Grand Champion, East Cup Winner Gemmae Ratlerrimus Ginger Gloria Russian born Interchampion, Multichampion i Middle&East Europe Winner Joker Show Yantarnyj Bereg became proud parents. The babies are named after gods and heroes of ancient Hellada.


Yantarnyj Bereg is a very elegant dog with a stunning head and full dentition. He is the son of legendar Inter and Multi Champion, double World and European Winner, the mother of many champions, World Winner and Euro Winner as well, Joker Show Ataka (our H litter grandmom), and a great-grandson of an imported from USA outstanding producer, World Winner, Multichampion Sanbrook Power Surge.
The mother of puppies, our Ginger Gloria, is the daughter of another legend, a double World Winner, Inter and Multi Champion and multiple Winner Soritas Jim Jump For Joy; and a great-granddaughter of Sanbrook Silk Electric.

The puppies' parents and grandparents have their eyes and knees tested! And, which is unique, the ancestors from their mother side three generations back have had their eyes and heart regularly tested and are healthy!


Gemmae-Ratlerrimus-Ginger-Gloria heart1 Joker-Show-Yantarnyi-Bereg

Gemmae Ratlerrimus Ginger Gloria


Grand Champion of Slovakia
Polish Champion
Slovakian Champion
Polish Junior Champion
Slovakian Junior Champion
Hungarian Junior Champion
Vice-Junior Winner of Poland 2010
Derby Winner 2010, BOB
Junior East Cup Winner 2011, BOB
Winner of Slovakia 2012
Cruft Qualification 2012

Joker Show Yantarnyi Bereg


Lithuanian Champion
Latvian Champion
Estonian Champion
Russian Champion
Moldavian Champion
Polish Champion
Slovakian Champion
Baltic Champion
Lithuanian Junior Champion
Latvian Junior Champion
Polish Junior Champion
Moldavian Junior Champion
Lithuanian Club Junior Winner
Junior Winner of Poland 2007, BOB
Junior Winner of Middle&East Europe 2007, BOB


wozek2-1H litter




















family tree-1 H pedigree

INT.Ch.Lt.Lv.Est.Pl.Sk. Md. Rus.Balt, JCh.Lt.Lv.Pl.Md. Middle&East Europe JW, PL.JW, Club LT.JW

Joker Show Yantarnyj Bereg

Int. Ch. Se. Fin
Furstenborgh Alladin
Furstenborgh Zardas Ch.Fin Shagrir Me Beit Hamaayan
Int.Ch.Fin, Est, V-00, PMV-01 Furstenborgh Harlig Hulda
Ch. Fin. Est. PMV-97
A'Dreams Red-Duchess
Ch.Fin Leijliden Jack-Mann
Ch.Fin Of Leijliden Red-Sheila
Int.Ch.EURO JW-04,Vice-Euro W-05, EURO VW-12, VWW-12-13; Ch.Rus.Se. Slo.Md.Est.Blr.Ukr.Rom. Bul.Lt.Lv.Est.Balt. RKF.NKP. Arad.W,Est.W,Lt.W, Balt.W, JW.Lt, J.Ch.Rus.Lt
Joker Show Ataka
Ch. Am. Se. Fin Hotpinsch Mr. Hot Shot WW-94 Int.Ch.Am. Se.Fin.Dk Sanbrook Power Surge
Ch.Se Hotpinsch Daydream
Bonzers Nut Chocolade Ch.Fin.Est.Rus.Est.W-00 Bonzer's Bar Fly
Int.Ch.Fin.Se.Est.Lat. Balt.W'98, Fin.W'98 Bonzer's X-Ample For You

INT.Grand Ch.SK, Ch.Pl.Sk. J.Ch.Pl.Sk.Hu SK.W-12, East Cup JW-11, Derby Winner-10

Gemmae Ratlerrimus


WW-03, VWW-09, Int.Ch.Nord, Se, Dk, Nor, Fin, Est. SE.W-00&01, FIN.W-02&05, BSG-01, KBHV-01, Berlinseiger-02, MV-03, ISPU, NORD.W-05, BALT.W-09 SORITAS JIM JUMP FOR JOY Int.Ch.USA.Nor.Fin.Se. Dk.Nord. Fin.W-98
Nezlan's Ruff Cut
BISS, BIS, Ch.USA, ROM, HOF Sanbrook Silk Electric
Dawnaquinn Wildangel at Nezlan
Humblepup JADE to Soritas Humblepup Fabulous
Ch.Fin.Humblepup Elegant Girl
J.Ch.Pl.Ch.Pl. CAŁKA Pin-Min Ch.Pl.PL.W.J.Ch.Pl.
DODI Bombelek
BASTEK Bombelek
IRIS z za Herbskiego Mostu
Ch.Pl.J.Ch.Pl ZANDO Ekado
Ch.Pl.J.Ch.Pl. BONI v.Sierra


O miocie H


IMG 6513-cut-15 weeks-small

Hebe and Hector



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