Champion of Poland

Junior Champion of Poland

3xJunior CAC, Junior BOB, 9xCAC, 2xRes.CAC, 3xCACIB, 3xRes.CACIB, BOS, 2xBOB 

Personal details


  •  D.O.B.: 27.03.2008,
  •  size: 29,5 cm.
  •  teeth: full/correct bite,
  •  parents:
       S: Pl.J.Ch.Pl.Ch.Pl-W. DODI Bombelek
       D: Pl.J.Ch.Pl.Ch. JAGA Ro-Ka-Te




  • eyes: (Certificate 03.10.09/14.03.2013) PRA, cPRA, RPED, Cataracta, RD, CEA, CSNB, PHTVL, /PHPV – free
  • heart: (Certificate 12.10.09/ 14.03.2013) EKG, ECG – extra healthy
  • knees: (27.06.09) patella luxation - free
  • hips: (X-Ray 27.06.09) Leg-Calve-Parthes Disease – free
  • DNA Tests: vWD I, Malignant Hyperthermia – healthy (lab. IDEX, Germany).




We brought Całka from the Pin-Min Kennel. I was looking for a good, red female with a correct tail and naturally standing ears, from healthy parents (free from eye, knee, and heart diseases), and finally a bitch continuing the line of Mult.Ch.Alf v.d.Porta, Gemma's grandfather.

We soon have learnt that Całka not only meets all those expectations, but she is a girl of more virtues.
What surprises us most is her unbelivable inteligence. It takes her a moment to memorize places, events, words, people; she knows our friends and neighbours by names, the relative directions (left, right, etc.) Once she overhears, or notices something, she learns to use it later. When she was one, she had a command of vocabulary and phrases of a much older and experienced dog. Obviously she tries to take advantage of her talents - she is a very good actress, and she cheats.
Our Całka has a strong and independent personality. She is not agressive, and simply loves the entire world. She adores our guests, and playing with children. We value her a lot for being so friendly and easy-going. However, she still has a truly pinscher-like nature... a passionate temperament, inexhaustible energy, and charm.

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