Gemmae Ratlerrimus Imperia





Personal details


  •  D.O.B.: 14.03.2014,
  •  size: 30,5 cm.
  •  teeth: correct
  •  parents:
       S: Grand Ch.Ukr.Blr.Ch.Rus.Lt.Blr.Ukr.
           Solo Vision GELIOS
       D: INT.Grand Ch.Ro.Sk.Ch.Pl.Sk.Hu.Ro.
           JCh.Pl.Sk.Lv.JW-Pl.JW.Grand Prix;
           Club WW-13, Hu Club W-15
           Century Fox




  • eyes: (Certificate 02.03.16) PRA, cPRA, RPED, Cataracta, RD, CEA, CSNB, PHTVL, /PHPV – free
  • heart: (Certificate 14.03.2016) EKG, ECG - healthy
  • knees: patella luxation - free
  • hips: to follow
  • DNA Tests: soon  




Imperia is a daughter of our Century Fox. She returned to us from Belorussian kennel where she had been cropped and docked against our will and knowledge. We did not want to expose her to another changes in life so she stayed with us. In a consequence, as a cropped dog, she cannot be showed in Poland, but we plan to campaign her abroad in the nearest future. By nature she is very alike her mom Fox, fast, sporty ... and beautiful.

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