Kennel name

Gemmae Ratlerrimus

Why did we choose such a name? Good question.

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However, we’ve being living with Ratlerrimus for over 13 years, my first intention was to name the kennel  "Sarento”, which was supposed to refer to the picturesque Italian city Sorento and a Polish word ‘sarna’, which means a ‘deer’. As when registering it’s better to give a few potential names just in case, I did so. Unfortunately, I didn’t mark my favourite one. You can imagine my sheer surprise, when I received my registration number and congrats on being the owner of ... Ratlerrimus Kennel. There was no time for any correction and complaints so we had to leave it as it was.

After Gemma’s death I decided to change the name of our kennel and make her live in the name for ever. So we renamed it for Gemmae Ratlerrimus - The Gems of Ratlerrimus (Lat.). I know the word "Gemmae" may seem to be user-unfriendly, however the devil’s not so black as he is painted. According to the Latin pronunciation it reads as /Gemme/, or /GemmaI/. Not so scary, isn’t it?


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